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The Internet of Screens

With displays of all forms becoming more and more pervasive in society, there has been a dramatic acceleration in how businesses can use the technology to communicate with stakeholders. This can take many forms, and is entirely dependent on how you want your screens to drive business goals. Whether your company is using digital signage for marketing and advertising or using the technology for data-driven visualisation, we can help ensure that the final screen outcome meets your business needs.

“We work with businesses to develop visual content for their digital signage”

Employing content integrators to manage, create and communicate valuable information to your customers or employees is key to establishing a successful digital signage network. And with our design services solely focused on creating innovative uses for digital signage, we thought it apparent to highlight a few applications where our content solutions add value.

Digital Menuboards

Digital menuboards provide quick service restaurants the ability to revolutionise the way they display menu content and promotional offers to diners. Multiple screens at point of order allow businesses to upsell additional items or display day-parted menus.

How we can help

Screens are perfect for displaying vibrant images and videos of food that will practically sell themselves. Our digital design services are focused on advancing innovative applications such as digital menuboards with broadcast quality motion graphics animation that make sure your menuboard displays look as good as your food tastes!

Portable Totems

Digital signage displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but nothing can compete with the versatility and portability of the digital signage totem. Simple in design, digital totems are great for events where there is a need for temporary mass messaging at multiple locations within the venue.

How we can help

Portable digital signage needs content that grabs viewer attention just as much as its permanently installed brethren. We have a range of pre-built or template style designs that are ideal for use in temporary events, and are also happy to work with your business in rapid creation of content for events that are occurring in the near future.

Video Walls

Large scale video walls are noteworthy for the sheer impact that they can have on viewers - whether they are constructed from LED or LCD modules. Increasing panel sizes combined with shrinking bezels are making LCD video walls a viable option for many businesses looking for that wow factor.

How we can help

The larger your display the more important it is that your content is to the standard that modern consumers expect.  Whether your video wall is playing repeating advertising messages or data feeds from multiple data sources or even a combination of the two, we can ensure that your display grabs viewer attention.

Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Messaging Centers are effectively digital outdoor panels that your business owns, with 24/7 non-stop advertising potential. It’s so much easier to change content compared to traditional reader boards or static displays that EMCs are a potent tool for marketing which all businesses should harness.

How we can help

If your EMC and municipal sign codes permit animation, then this is a great option for making passing traffic aware of your business or promotional offers. Although we specialise in high definition motion graphics, we can tailor our animation to lower pixel counts that match the capabilities of any EMC displays on the market.

High Brightness

Although a fairly new development in digital signage technology, high brightness panels are a perfect solution for signage that is installed outdoors or even in a storefront window that catches the sun. This new generation of high nit displays are an easy choice when outdoor viewability performance is a consideration.

How we can help

Although outdoor viewability will fundamentally be determined by the brightness of the panels that are used, the color palette and animation used can also make a huge difference in the legibility of any messages that are displayed. Our knowledge of outdoor panel performance parameters ensures that the content we produce is optimised for your outdoor displays.

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